Worldbuilding project

Your final project invites you to build upon our semester’s reading, thinking, and discussing to create your own social justice speculation. What kind of world do you want to build? What tools are necessary to build it?

This is a self-directed project, whose final form will be shaped by your own interests and strengths. I encourage you to consider your capstone ideas as you decide what you are going to develop.

Your worldbuilding project may take any of the following forms:

  • a work of visionary fiction (see Imarisha and brown)
  • an adaptation or extension of one or more of our class texts
  • a proposal for a real-world organization, technology, or practice based on speculative ideas
  • a researched analysis of social systems and structures as they shape our capacity to speculate about and/or enact different worlds
  • something different that hasn’t occurred to me!

You will present your final project in class on December 3 or 5.
You may use any presentation format you like, including an interactive one, but there must be a visual component (it’s fine if this is just a screen showing your completed project). Plan for your presentation to take around 15 minutes, including time for the class to ask questions and offer comments. Tell us:

  • what world you are trying to build
  • why you pursued this worldbuilding project
  • how you made it, including challenges you faced along the way (this process may still be ongoing at the time of the presentation)
  • how you are engaging with speculation and social justice
  • how you might develop this project beyond the scope of the class

By December 14, you must post your project online. Your final write-up should include answers to all of the questions above. If your project’s format cannot be contained by WordPress, speak to me and we will discuss the best approach for submission.

Parameters for the final project are open. If you are writing a paper and need a word count to aim for, 1500-2000 words is appropriate. But I am more interested in seeing evidence of effort, engagement, and care than I am in particular lengths.