Leading class activities

Twice in the semester, you will be responsible for coming up with an activity to lead your classmates in engagement with one of the day’s texts. You may do this individually or in pairs.

Remember that, although we are reading a lot of fiction, this is not an English class. We are here to explore what it means to speculate about social justice and to work toward social justice through speculation. Your activity should not only engage the reading (its meanings, themes, characters, world), but should also invite us to think through larger questions and implications.

Creative activities are encouraged! For example, you might invite the class to:

  • create a play or performance based on a scene from the reading
  • create or gather images, on paper or screens, to connect the reading to a real-world issue
  • collaboratively extend or expand the narrative in new directions
  • carry out and share background research to learn more about the context of the reading
  • stage a debate between two or more perspectives represented in the text

Your activity should last at least 15 minutes and must involve everyone in class.

You must get approval for your plan from me before going ahead. I can also help you come up with an idea if you are struggling!

Sign up to lead class activities at this link. (You must be logged in with your UMD Google account.)