Applied speculation

In this exploration, you will use the format of a video essay, vlog, or TED talk to apply ideas from material we have engaged in class to a real-world context.

Choose one idea from a class text (for example: hyperempathy; Earthseed), and highlight on what the creator’s engagement with this idea can teach us about the world. Could it inspire change? Does it help us to see social systems and identities more clearly? What assumptions and expectations does it challenge?

Choose an audience you want to address. Who most needs to hear about this idea? Why? How can you make it interesting and appealing to them? Give concrete examples that this audience will appreciate.

Once you’ve chosen your idea and your audience, make an argument for your applied speculation in video form. You should record approximately three minutes. Make sure it’s easy to tell who you are addressing, which idea you’re talking about, and how it relates to a real-world context.

You are encouraged, but not required, to incorporate images and/or props. It is strongly recommended that you either practice a time or two before recording, edit your recording before posting, or both.

You may use any video software that you have access to, and you may post your video reflection anywhere that you can link to on this website (private links are fine). I can offer tech support for recording with Quicktime on Mac, editing with Adobe Premiere, and uploading to YouTube, Vimeo, or Box.

Either include closed captions or add a transcript to your video. The transcript need not be word for word. This is to make sure that we can understand your submission if there are any problems with audio.

I will grade the applied speculations according to the following criteria:

  • engagement with idea: are you showing a deep understanding of the idea you are adapting?
  • power of argument: how well do you make the case for this idea’s significance in the world?
  • attention to audience: have you clearly defined who you are speaking to, and are you addressing them in a way they will recognize?

Your applied speculation is due on Monday October 28.