Visionary fiction

Following the model described by the editors of Octavia’s Brood, come up with an idea for a visionary fiction of your own, drawing from a social justice issue in which you are personally invested. Come up with a speculative idea (as scientific or fantastical as you like) and then explore its implications – with Imarisha and brown’s goal of “building newer, freer worlds” always in mind.

You need not write a completed story, though you are welcome to do so if you wish. The purpose of this assignment is to imagine and explore a vision, not to create a work of literature – you may develop the story further as your final project if you are inspired to. Explain your vision and its social justice significance in whichever format makes most sense to you.

You may choose to imagine a vision for a medium other than written text (such as poetry, music, or visual art) if you prefer.

In an introduction or afterword, include at least one non-fiction citation that explains the issue your visionary fiction is exploring. This can be something we have read in class or something from your own research.

Your visionary fiction should be around 800 words long. It must be posted to the blog by Monday November 19.

I will grade your visionary fiction according to the following criteria:

  • clarity of vision: is your idea fully explained and clearly articulated?
  • social justice significance: do you explore the implications of your vision in a way that resonates with social justice issues?
  • originality: how creative, intriguing, and nuanced is your idea?