For this exploration, I invite you to adapt one of the speculative narratives we have studied for a different medium: performance, film/television, music, art, games, or anything else you can imagine. How does speculating social justice shift across format and medium?

Write a short treatment explaining the adaptation you have imagined. Which medium would you choose and why? What would have to change from the original version in order to make this adaptation successful? What would be most important to maintain? How will the audience shift? What social justice implications might be gained, and what might be lost?

Include suggestions for media-specific elements like performers, setting, sound or visual effects. You are welcome to include images and/or sound, either of your own creation or as points of comparison.

Creative writing (such as description or dialogue from a screenplay) is also welcome, though you should only include excerpts as part of your overall argument. If you wish to make a more complete version of your adaptation, you will be able to do so for your final worldbuilding project.

You are as welcome to adapt the non-fiction here as the fiction if it sparks your imagination.

Write between 600 and 1000 words.

I will grade the adaptations according to the following criteria:

  • engagement with text:  are you showing a deep understanding of the text you are adapting?
  • engagement with medium: are you showing that you have carefully thought through the affordances of the medium you have chosen?
  • originality: how creative, intriguing, and nuanced are your adaptation ideas?

The adaptation is due on the blog by Monday October 7.