Your grade for the course will be calculated from a total of 1000 points, awarded as follows:

Ongoing participation (35% of your grade) 

Exploratory projects (40% of your grade)

Final project (20% of your grade)

Progress toward Capstone: 5% of your grade

Your grade for the class is based on performance throughout the semester, not just a final project or exam. As you can see, your grade also depends on your working at being a good member of the class community. We each have different skills and experiences, and we should use them cooperatively and collaboratively.

This is the rubric I use to assess DCC projects. The factors are in order of importance.

  1. Thoughtful engagement with course concepts and assignment. Are you meeting the expectations that have been set up for the assignment? How vividly can I see the influence of readings and discussions in your work?
  2. Nuance and complexity of ideas explored. How deeply are you reckoning with the challenges and contradictions that surround the aspects of media, culture, and identity on which you are focusing?
  3. Evidence of effort exerted. Have you put substantial time and energy into this work, researching beyond class material and seeking help with conceptual and technical difficulties as they arose?
  4. Originality and imagination. How fresh and exciting are the concept and execution? Is there scope for further development beyond this class?
  5. Technical proficiency. How effectively are you making use of the methods you have chosen? This doesn’t necessarily mean that your project will be technically elaborate, but that you understand the affordances of the method you are using and are taking advantage of them.